Dr. Ford is very professional and patient in explaining procedures. 

Patient name and location withheld


Warm and caring.  Perfect work. 

DK, Hanover, MA

Dr. Ford, Thanks for all you do to make me my best self. 

Patient name and location withheld

Always a pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Ford's.

JA, Boston, MA

Dr. Ford is the best doctor.

GL, Wellesley, MA

Dr. Christian Ford has a beautiful new location in Norwell!  He listened carefully to my goals.  My results are great!  Very natural! 

Patient name and location withheld

My entire experience was impressive!  From making appointment (very pleasant and knowledgeable), to discussion on best options for me, to procedure and after procedure care, was professional and minimal pain.  Results were amazing immediately!  Very satisfied and will be back for touch up as needed.  

Patient name withheld, Cohasset, MA 

Wonderful experience!

Patient name withheld, Weymouth, MA 

Dr. Ford - AMAZING!  Total confidence in his evaluation and treatment plan.  

Results - way exceeded my expectations.  Would HIGHLY recommend.

Patient name withheld, Quincy, MA 

Love this place...wouldn't go anywhere else.

Patient name withheld, Walpole, MA 

Always a good experience with Dr. Ford!  He's right on target for what is needed.  Mary is lovely to deal with.  

Patient name withheld, Wellesley, MA


Always a joy to see Dr. Ford!  Thanks!

Patient name withheld, Marshfield, MA


Natural Results!

Patient name withheld, Cohasset, MA


Very professional and friendly. 

Patient name withheld, Hingham, MA


Thank you Dr. Ford and Mary!  You couldn't be nicer and more accommodating.  

The results speak for themselves!

Patient name withheld, Norwell, MA


Looking good and no one at home even noticed!  Thank you!

Patient name withheld, Marshfield, MA


I had the wrong date and the good doctor took me in anyway; he eased my apprehension.  Thank you so much!

Patient name withheld, Quincy, MA


A caring, knowledgeable physician and friendly, helpful administrative assistant. 

JT, Marshfield, MA


Great experience that I couldn't get anywhere else!  I found Dr. Christian Ford through one of his Botox promotions.  I went to him for my very first Botox injection, and later started doing Juvederm with him, as well.  It is always a great experience - very light touch, attentiveness and precision: never any bruises, my forehand never felt heavy or weird.  Also, Dr. Ford is just such a gentleman, such a pleasure to be around.  You always feel safe and confident in his office.  However, my drive to Dr. Ford's office was really long and painful, so I decided to try other places closer to my home.  I went to the highly recommended offices in Brookline and Newton.  For 2 years, I was trying to find someone who could do it as well as Dr. Ford, but at the end I had to come back to him.  I was tired of hiding bruises after each procedure.  I hated the feeling of drooping eyebrows and a heavy, completely immobile forehead, and the pressure between my eyes.  I experienced this with every Botox regardless of how highly recommended and expensive the places were.  Now I am back with Dr. Ford, and I know from my own experience that a 1.5 hour drive each way is worth it.  I also had breast augmentation done by Dr. Ford, and can't say enough praises of his work.  My breasts are naturally and softly shaped, and don't look or feel fake at all.  I am not afraid to age knowing that Dr. Ford will help me have my youth back!

Patient name and location withheld, via RealSelf


Dr. Ford is the best!  His work is top notch!  And I come from Boston for his excellent natural look!  5 stars!

CW, Boston, MA


Won't go anywhere else!

KF, Plymouth, MA


Dr. Ford is wonderful!  He never pressures and is always willing to do less before "more," truly listening and working to enhance, not CHANGE (unless that's what you want!).  He has a fantastic calming demeanor and I completely trust him.  (He's also a really nice guy). 

Patient name and location withheld, via RealSelf

Dr. Ford has a very pleasant personality!  Very easy to talk to him.  And, most importantly, he listens!

Patient name and location withheld 

Very professional!  Thrilled with the result already! 

Patient name and location withheld


Highly recommend this professional!  Dr. Ford knows his stuff and has a great demeanor with patients.  Best outcome ever!

Patient name and location withheld

Very thorough, professional, kind, gentle and qualified.  All in a beautifully appointed office space.  Will definitely go again.  Thank you, from a nurse's point of view, you are wonderful.

AL, Hingham, MA

I am satisfied with the results and I consider Dr. Ford my life-long doctor of choice!

SP, Cohasset, MA

Dr. Ford's professionalism and artistry made me so comfortable and I had amazing results also!

DS, Hingham, MA


Dr. Ford is not pushy, advised me on what areas and how much to use.  No bruises whatsoever!  I'm considering using Dr. Ford's services for some other makeovers!  Highly recommend!

Patient name and location withheld

Can't wait to go back for more services! 

Patient name and location withheld

Very professional and easy to talk to!  Dr. Christian Ford explained everything to me and took his time with the procedures.  Not to mention a gorgeous office!  

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was great...very natural results! 

Patient name and location withheld


The results are incredible and an overall great experience!  I highly recommend Dr. Christian Ford! 

KL, Braintree, MA

I was so comfortable.  A lovely, convenient office and felt very confident dealing with a well-trained doctor!

JI, Norwell, MA

Nice office and great natural results!

AF, Hanover, MA

This was a thoroughly professional experience.  I will go back to Dr. Ford in the future and would recommend him without hesitation!

PK, Norwell, MA

Dr. Ford makes you feel at ease and is very knowledgeable in his field!

TR, Hanover, MA


Dr. Ford did a fabulous job and took a lot of time with me and was extremely thorough!  I will definitely be returning! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Christian Ford was great!  He is very gentle, takes his time with you, and I left feeling like a brand new "me!"  I highly recommend him!  Plan to go back again soon!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was very attentive, offered his well-trained professional opinion and took good care of me as his patient!

Patient name and location withheld


Dr. Ford took the time to explain the procedure and answer all my questions.  I was extremely pleased by the results and plan to return to him for future procedures! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was awesome!  

Very pleasant and VERY knowledgeable.  

I would highly recommend him!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford is fantastic!  I had a very, very positive experience!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford took all the time needed to answer my questions.  I felt very comfortable with him! 

Patient name and location withheld

My friends and I had a great experience and are thrilled with the results.  It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Christian Ford!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was professional, friendly and courteous.  Class act! 

Patient name and location withheld


Beautiful office, quiet and private!  Dr. Ford was excellent and very knowledgeable!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford and his office manager, Mary, were very kind and accommodating regarding my fears (of injections & consequences), as well as my schedule.  Wonderful experience! 

Patient name and location withheld

Excellent professional!  Great results!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was kind and caring and listened closely to my wants and needs.  Also, my results are great! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford is a very personable and comfortable doctor to talk to about any of my concerns about having the Juvederm procedure.  At first I just wanted Botox but he explained how the lower part of the face is as important to enhance as the eye area.  Because it's all about balance.  He also has an artistic eye so that I never look "overdone."  I highly recommend Dr. Christian Ford!  

Patient name and location withheld, via RealSelf


Let's face it, if you've never had Botox or fillers, the first time can be a little scary. Will I look like me?  Will everyone know exactly what I did instead of the ever coveted “gee you look great."  One visit with Dr. Ford and you know you're in good hands.  He listens and completely gets that you want a natural look.  And if you're wise enough to stay the course with just Dr. Christian Ford, he follows through each visit to make sure your progression remains natural.  I think anyone who wants to freshen up their look should put their face in his impressively competent hands.  

Patient name and location withheld


The personalized service is so on point!  He really takes his time finding out what you want and what your needs are.  I never feel pressured or rushed.  He practices the fine art of making you look amazing but not to the point your husband would even know you had anything done.  I would highly recommend to anyone to go to Dr. Christian Ford! 

Patient name and location withheld


Just want to thank the Doc for the best fix of my facial scar!  Recommending you to others, etc.  

BM, Boston, MA

​As a medical professional, I’ve been Dr. Christian Ford’s patient for the last 2 years and I highly recommend his services.  He is knowledgeable, kind, attentive, patient and very helpful.  I love the fact that he knows my face and, as expected from a plastic surgeon, he has excellent eyes to recognize the correctable flaws.  I am very happy with his recommendations.  I love the way he works, almost painlessly, assuring not only the best possible result, but also that the process of getting to the best result is seamless.  The outcome is always amazing!  The 1 hour commute each way is absolutely worth it! 

SS, Jamaica Plain, MA

Plastic Surgery is a big deal- you live with those results forever.  I read many reviews and tried to gather as much information as possible.  Dr. Ford's website was informative and I particularly found the links to articles written about him helpful.  I noticed he spent time in Guatemala helping people with abnormalities and in other articles it mentioned his help with patients who had breast cancer.  After reading those articles, I truly got the sense that Dr. Ford cares deeply about the work that he does, and sees it more than just a procedure.  After meeting in person, I instantly knew he was who would be performing my surgery.  Very personable and easy to talk to and seemed extremely knowledgeable and confident about the procedure.  I am a little over 2 weeks post op and I am healing quickly!  Right after, the surgery nurses were coming by and giving me thumbs up telling me how great I looked and how happy I would be after I could see the results, and yes they were correct!  I am extremely happy with my results.  Dr. Ford and Mary have been super responsive to any questions or concerns that I have had.  I would highly recommend him, and in fact would feel bad for you if you went somewhere else and missed out on great results and a great experience!

Patient name withheld, New Hampshire


I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ford.  He is an outstanding surgeon, but he also makes you feel extremely relaxed; explaining the entire process from start to finish.  He is personally invested in each patient and their outcome.  His kind, caring, demeanor make you instantly comfortable asking any and all questions.  Most importantly, his work is exceptional!  

DS, Milton, MA

Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Christian Ford and his work! 

After he performed my tummy tuck, I was thrilled with the results and I knew I wanted him to do my breast lift as well.  Again, the result was fantastic and I have been recommending Dr. Ford to everyone I know.  I was well taken care of before, during, and after the surgery and I wouldn't go to anyone else for future procedures. CD, Norwell, MA

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for my appointment today.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  My face looks great!  I have absolutely no bruising and I felt zero pain during the procedure!  I am beyond pleased!  Thank you so much for taking your time (some places have that in & out type of mentality).  What a pleasure meeting you as well.  I will be raving to my friends about you!  Can't wait for my follow-up!

MR, Abington, MA

Thank you very much for a great job!  I look 10 years younger!

RT, Cohasset, MA

Dr. Christian Ford was very pleasant, patient and welcoming.  He made me feel very comfortable and listened to all my concerns and above all did an exceptional job on my lips.  He is very knowledgeable and I will definitely return to his office.  

Patient name and location withheld

How do you thank someone who has given you back your self-confidence?  My diagnosis of breast cancer with resulting mastectomy was life changing, but so was my decision to have breast reconstruction.  Being a nurse in a hospital setting who cared for post-operative patients I knew my choice of a surgeon would not be easy, my expectations were high.  On my initial visit to Dr. Ford's office I was very impressed with how professional and thorough he was, but what I remember most about that visit was how comfortable he made me feel and how easy he was to talk with.  Now that my reconstruction is completed I could not be more pleased with the final results.  I no longer have to be concerned with what I can wear or how I look, giving me such peace of mind.  I sincerely thank Dr. Ford for all he's done for me and I know mine is not the only life he will change.

SE, Dartmouth, MA


I want to thank Dr. Ford so much for the other day!  I was so nervous and Dr. Ford was absolutely wonderful!  I'm not sure I would have gone through with it if Dr. Ford hadn't been so kind and gentle.  I woke up the next day and looked in the mirror and loved loved the results!  I am so happy!  Thank you, Dr. Ford!  You will have a repeat customer here!  Again, thank you!  You were wonderful!

LN, Cohasset, MA

I am very happy with the results of the Juvederm treatment!  I will definitely be back to see Dr. Ford again.  Thank you for making me feel like myself again!

BH, Duxbury, MA

Wonderful Doctor!  He listened carefully and made suggestions, giving me options. He was extremely careful and very precise when injecting the filler.  I noticed the difference immediately.  I am very pleased with the outcome so far, only having received the injections just hours ago.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Christian Ford! 

Patient name and location withheld

It has been less than three hours since my procedure and I can't stop looking in the mirror and grinning from ear to ear!  I want to thank Dr. Ford for his courteous and professional services today.  I am very happy with my immediate results!

MC, Holbrook, MA

As a person and an English teacher, I literally love words for their ability to express emotion and am frustrated by my lack of vocabulary to express my profound gratitude and thanks for your help.  Dr. Ford, how can I thank you enough for helping me to change my life?  When I started my journey to become healthy six years ago, I never thought about how I might look when I was done.  I just knew that if I did not change that I literally would die.  I want you to know that as I was losing weight, I struggled with the idea of becoming a new person.  I could never reconcile my inner and outer selves until now.  Dr. Ford, with your help, I look at myself in the mirror every morning and can't help but smile because my struggle is over.  I know who I am on the inside and out because of you and the surgery.  This is something I promise never to forget for the rest of my life.  As a teacher, I always hope to make a difference in the lives of my students and I believe that you will help me to do that and I want you to know that you have truly made a difference in my life.  I promise to keep working on being healthy and know that I will never again be my old unhealthy self.  I really cannot wait to start learning how to run and promise to email you when I sign up for my first race.  I will never forget a conversation with one of my students after my first surgery.  He was going through a difficult time and asked me if surgery hurt.  I told him that change hurts but it is all worth it in the end.  Thanks for helping me get to my end, it means the world to me.

Patient name and location withheld

My visit to Dr. Christian Ford was beyond my expectations.  He takes time for explanations and pride in his painless treatments.  I was concerned about bruising and have none!  I will recommend him to my friends and clients!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford gave me a lot of time and took care to make me feel at ease.  I am very happy with the results!

CR, Scituate, MA

It was the best experience!  Dr. Ford really took his time with me and made sure I was 100% aware and comfortable the entire time.  It is a beautiful location and the staff was very nice and accommodating.  His skills are flawless!  I will definitely be back again! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was very focused and professional.  He spends a good amount of time informing you of the procedure you are there for, offers his opinions and you leave feeling satisfied that you received the best care possible. 

Patient name and location withheld

This was an excellent experience!  Dr. Ford explained every step of the procedure beforehand and again as he performed them and was attentive to how I was feeling throughout.  The atmosphere was comfortable and professional, and I knew I was in highly qualified hands. 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was awesome!  He truly cares about making the experience pleasant and positive.  The office is pleasant and inviting and helps create a feeling of calm.  I am so pleased with the results and I will return when needed!

Patient name and location withheld

Explained entire procedure and took his time.  I got stuck in Boston traffic, called to let them know and Dr. Ford was extremely sweet about waiting for me to get there.  Would definitely recommend Dr. Ford! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Christian Ford did an amazing job!  He took the time to answer my questions and explain where the filler would look best and provide the best results.  I'm excited to see the results once the swelling subsides. 

Patient name and location withheld

Very satisfied!  He took his time and explained every thing, would highly recommend Dr. Christian Ford!  Loving the results!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford took a lot of time during the injections to try to minimize the possible side effects of bleeding and bruising.  Well done! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford did a great job and was very professional!  Highly recommend!

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford explained the procedure's risk and benefits to me in detail.  I felt very comfortable during the procedure and will return for further treatments. 

Patient name and location withheld

Highly recommend Dr. Christian Ford! 

Patient name and location withheld

Dr. Ford was wonderful!  Extremely thorough and made sure I understood the entire procedure and any possible side effects.  Highly recommend Dr. Ford to everyone! 

Patient name and location withheld

So professional and caring.  Dr. Ford is totally awesome!  I would highly recommend Dr. Christian Ford to anyone!  No pain and great work!

Patient name and location withheld

Great service!  Highly recommended! 

Patient name and location withheld

Nice office, friendly staff, great results!

Patient name and location withheld


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