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Our signature medical-grade facials are designed to restore natural balance to your skin while also providing a deeply relaxing experience. Our therapeutic treatments help to promote the general health and appearance of your skin and are designed to address specific concerns that you may have, such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation or photo-damaged skin.

Express Facial

If you can't find enough time in the day to pamper yourself, this is the facial for you. This 30-minute facial will have you in and out, ready to go about your day. Relax with a catnap while skin is cleansed, toned, masked and moisturized. Our express facials are recommended for all skin types.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

Detoxify sun-damaged skin by drawing out impurities and oily buildup with our healing facial treatment. We apply pumpkin enzyme scrub blended with gentle exfoliants to break down dull, rough skin without damaging or irritating healthy skin. Afterward, we apply a seaweed mask with herbal ingredients to nourish and purify skin. This treatment is excellent for skin recovering from exfoliation or for skin simply in need of healthy, calming attention. Our pumpkin enzyme facials are recommended for dry/sensitive skin.

Back - Purifying or Hydrating

This highly beneficial back treatment consists of super-cleansing and exfoliation to draw out impurities and rid your back of itchy layers of dead skin. This treatment includes a relaxing back massage and an appropriate mask for purifying or hydrating to bring your skin back to a beautiful balance! Our back treatments are recommended for all skin types.

Gentlemen's Facial

This specialized facial addresses a man's specific skin needs, including preventing ingrown hairs, soothing razor burn and correcting damaging results from daily shaving as well as sun exposure. (Please note: We highly discourage shaving immediately before treatment.) Our gentlemen's facials are recommended for all skin types.

Brightening/Lightening Facial

Therapeutic lightening serum removes dead skin and debris, brightening the skin, evening out tone and fading dark spots. This powerful serum continues to battle discolorations for the rest of the day! Our brightening facials are recommended for hyperpigmentation, dull or unevenly textured skin, mature and sun-damaged skin.

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