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With over 14 years of experience in cosmetic medicine, award-winning plastic surgeon and Certified Master Injector, Dr. Christian Ford specializes in facial rejuvenation: cheeks, lips, jaw line, chin and total face rejuvenations. 


Dr. Ford's goal is always to restore age-related volume loss naturally, restoring facial aesthetic balance, skin texture and quality.

Dr. Ford enjoys educating patients about the science of facial aging and takes pride in giving each patient the time that they need, both in consultation and during procedures, in order to obtain the best possible results.  


Dr. Ford strives to utilize the most cutting edge technology and procedures by continuously attending national conferences and training sessions.  We are pleased to offer our patients the most advanced 3-D imaging technology to objectively quantify areas of age-related facial volume loss, allowing for optimal targeting of treatment areas and dramatic visualization of treatment progression.

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